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T. Road Company
The T. Road Food Company is a family business based in Erbil, Northern Iraq

The Founders of the Company, who are also brothers, started the activities and services with import in 1999. In 2003 the Enterprise was given a name and T. Road Company was established.

The Founders started with just 2 Containers and 2 vehicles to transport the products and rented a little storage room. Now over 100 employees work for T. Road. Company by working in the companys own specially constructed halls and storages for frozen and for dried food and using over 35 special transport vehicles.

The first products of T. Road Company were all about many different kinds of Ice Cream with the focus on products of Algida (Unilever). Now the varieties of products got larger and include Candy, Nuts, Seeds, Crackers, Snackbars, and other sweets and goodies.

The Founders of the Company are Wrya, Kochar, Dashty and Ako and they are still working day by day to offer their costumers and business partners the best possible service.

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